Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How Did This Get Past The Libbies?

There's a movie coming out November 5 that I think everyone should see. It's called Jarheads, and it seems to be one of the only (probably the only) movie that seems to give an honest, non-bias depiction of people in the US Military, specifically the Marine core in this instance.

I really hope...I want Liberals to go crazy and protest over this movie. I want them to find a reason to picket outside theatres. Say it's offensive, say it glorifies the Marines and the violence going on in the Middle East, say it doesn't take into consideration the complex social and cultural structure of the people over there and that it's a film made simply to support Bush's evil agenda thought up by his evil brain Karl Rove.

I will revel in your whining. Laughing and mocking you as I walk into the theatre to see the movie opening day. I've had enough of your Liberal propaganda movies. Time to see a decent military movie for once. These guys deserve to have at least one movie that doesn't make them seem like heartless, kill-crazy psychos.

Now don't let me down Sam Mendes, or I swear I'll kick your ass.


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