Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How Did This Get Past The Libbies?

There's a movie coming out November 5 that I think everyone should see. It's called Jarheads, and it seems to be one of the only (probably the only) movie that seems to give an honest, non-bias depiction of people in the US Military, specifically the Marine core in this instance.

I really hope...I want Liberals to go crazy and protest over this movie. I want them to find a reason to picket outside theatres. Say it's offensive, say it glorifies the Marines and the violence going on in the Middle East, say it doesn't take into consideration the complex social and cultural structure of the people over there and that it's a film made simply to support Bush's evil agenda thought up by his evil brain Karl Rove.

I will revel in your whining. Laughing and mocking you as I walk into the theatre to see the movie opening day. I've had enough of your Liberal propaganda movies. Time to see a decent military movie for once. These guys deserve to have at least one movie that doesn't make them seem like heartless, kill-crazy psychos.

Now don't let me down Sam Mendes, or I swear I'll kick your ass.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Bit Pretentious?

Today I've been looking through colleges and such. A pretty much uneventful happening, until I came upon this campus event at the College of New Rochelle:

Apparently in the past month, CNR held what they called "Sleep Out 2005". This event consisted of a bunch of the female students from Campus Ministry and other Christian service groups sleeping out on the main lawn in a bunch of cardboard boxes for one night. The purpose of this was experience for one night want many homeless people in America have to go through every night. They even had a man who was once homeless come and tell them stories of his experience of being homeless.

What a pretentious crock of bullshit this is. Even the speaker, who is featured in one of the pictures looks like he can't believe what these people are doing. These airheads are attempting to "understand" the plight of their homeless brethren by sleeping out in cardboard boxes one warm autumn's night?

Let's list what's wrong with this shall we?

For starters, this seems like something from the blissfully p.c. ignorance of the 1950s. Wasn't there anyone on that God forsaken campus who saw the political incorrectness of what these chicks were doing? How wrong it was? Out of all the liberals on campus, none of them spoke out? Opps! Sorry, I forgot, it was most likely the liberal assholes who thought this was a good idea to begin with. You know, to get in touch with the other people's culture.

Next week these same girls are going to dress themselves in burkas and have their labias mutilated. So that they can better understand the culture of some of their brethren in the Middle East. Anyone want to join?

Secondly these girls had access to working toilets, sinks, food, pillows, blankets, good clothing and had chaperones to watch over them. This is NOTHING like what true homeless people have to go through. It actually makes a mockery of their plight. Like being homeless is a hardship someone can easily experience in the comfort of their own backyard. Why don't they do this again in the middle of January with no pillows, no blankets, old clothing that can barely hold together let alone keep out the cold, and then hold the whole thing in the middle of Central Park. All by themselves without any campus security to keep them safe. Oh, and they should only have a minimum amount of food before doing this. Maybe attend their own soup kitchen so that they get a true sense of their brethren's plight.

I hate when people do this. They try to experience other people's lives, but don't do it thoroughly. You know what? It's not a joke, it's not cute, and it does not put you "in touch" with those who are less fortunate then you. If you went up to a homeless person and told him that, he will smack you and then rob you for your money. Wanna know why? BECAUSE HE'S POOR! And your mocking him and his situation. You deserve what you get. I hope he makes you lose a couple of teeth, that way you know what that feels like too.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Answer To That One Burning Question

I'm sure many of us have wonder about the big questions in life...

Why are we here?
Is there really a God?
What is out there?
Did Sinead O'Connor really think she's have a career after tearing up a picture of the Pope?

But there is that one big question that I'm sure all of us have burning within our very souls. The question that plagues our thoughts and dreams each and every hour of the day. That leaves us forever longing for that one answer that will set us free. And that one quiery that forever haunts us is:

What is Emo?

Well, wonder no longer! After many painful hours of searching the internet...I have found nothing. I happened to stumble upon the it however, and will merrily share the answer with you. Share the knowledge...Pass it on so that others will know as well.

Becareful of What You Say, And to Whom...

I'm pretty sure after this guy told Dick Cheney to fuck himself, Dick had some FBI agents tail him and kidnap him.

He is currently being tazered by Karl Rove.

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