Monday, September 05, 2005

What I Stand For (about Freakin' Time!)

*The death penalty- For years I was a staunch supporter simply because I thought all evil people should die. Then, I considered the idea that the only thing a cold-blooded murderer has in common with God is that both take lives. God, on the other hand, also gives life, to both cold-blooded murderers and other miscreants of the law, and to upstanding people who should not be given the right to take on a role designated for the Creator. Once again, I changed my mind, because I believe that anyone with the inclination to kill has the devil in them and his trip to hell should be all the more quicker.

*Pro-life- At the moment of conception, a human life has been created. A woman and a doctor don't want to fit in the above category of murderer, now do they? And partial-birth abortion? Giving a baby his first breath and then having them taken away all because the "mother" is too selfish to let him live? If you can't afford or have a desire to be a parent, try adoption. If you don't want to get fat and have morning sickness, try abstinence.

*Pro- U.S military- We are the leaders of the world. When France was destroyed after World War 2 who jumped to her aid? The US. When Iraqi women were raped and murdered for trying to live the way Western women live, and then the fundamentalists from neighboring countries came to our shores and took over 1,000 innocent lives, who sent troops over to make the women's dreams a reality and start a little thing called democracy? The US. Who, with a few other countries in tow, will one day put an end to terrorism, hence making lives of people the world over much, much safer? The US.

*Pro-God- "One nation UNDER GOD." So the Ten Commadments need to be removed from court buildings because it goes against the separation of church and state. You know what I find interesting? (advance thanks to Ann Coulter for pointing this out first) It's considered offensive to have the Ten Commandments displayed outside of a place of religion, but you know what's allowed to stay? A few years ago, if you recall, the Brooklyn Museum of Art had an exhibit with pornographic pictures in the same light at the Virgin Mary. Abstract art that goes a step further and blatantly attacks the Catholic church. The Ten Commadments can be seen in a secular sense as well, e.g. "Thou shalt not steal" can be used to deter burglars, "Respect thy father and thy mother" in cases of child support. I can go on, but I'll just go to my next case.

*Pro-arms- Ever hear a little something that says "A right to bear arms?" It was written long after the Ten Commandments, but, like them, has been overlooked. It's nearly impossible in many states, including good old blue New York, to get a license to own a gun. Studies have shown that in places where gun ownership is a way of life, crime has been reduced. Women especially, need this extra self-defense device to ward off rapists, murderers and other bullies willing to take advantage of someone bigger than them. Speaking of which...

*Pro-severe punishment- I recently read about chemical castration, where the ":man" that commits the crime has to take pills to diminish his sex drive. I'll go a step further and have a want for actual castration of the male genitalia. This is against his civil rights? Well, how about the woman's rights to live without having her sexual parts violated? Do you think she'll ever be able to live the same again? This goes for policemen as well. They have nighsticks for a reason(see New Orleans) and if someone is going to make things harder for either a policemen or an innocent civilian, I only wish it was made of steel. I recall the case of Michael Fay in Singapore back in 1994, when, as an American in their country, he was caned for vandalism. At the time I thought it cruel and unusual punishment, now I ask why we don't have it.

*Pro-English as the official language- When my father's grandparents moved to Brooklyn, they barely spoke English. His mother went to a school with English speaking children, then came home to speak Italian. Eventually, through the daughter, the parent's learned, English. My mother's grandfather came to this country speaking Spanish and minimal English, and somehow managed to marry a woman with an Irish name. He learned his English through his wife and 11 children. In a recent case of one of my mother;s friends whose daughter is autisitc, there was no Special Ed class for her, but plenty of ESL classes for her classmates to be ":enriched" in. In other words, all the funding goes the way of slowing down learning English and none for the American with special needs. Ironic, no? Why should there be "No Smoking" signs in 5 languages when someone comes to vote? Can't all that money spent on paper be used more efficiently?


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