Monday, September 05, 2005

The Fate of CBGBs & Hurricane Katrina

Enough of this hiatus thing, I miss my blog too much!

I have just gotten news of CBGBs loosing their lease. And what, might you ask, is a CBGBs? For those of you who don't like clicking on links, CBGBs is a New York institution. Located on 315 Bowery Street, it's the home of underground rock and the birthplace of US punk. Bands who have performed there include Guns & Roses, The Ramones, Green Day and many others. Despite the best efforts of us in the rock community CBGBs has lost its lease and is in danger of being kicked out of the location where they have been since 1973. Thankfully some people don't forget their roots, and bands are coming in from all over to help save CBGBs, the place that fostered both their love of music and their careers.

Long live CBGBs! We will not go quietly!

Now on to bigger and, although not better, more important topics. Like Hurricane Katrina.

I am fucking sick and tired of certain parties (*coughcough* liberals and democrats) using the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to boost support for their political agendas. It's fucking 9/11 all over again, and I swear I'm going to kill someone.

All I hear on the 24 hour news channels, besides the same visuals and audios over and over again, are circle-jerk desk jockeys trying to make a case for the liberal camp's argument. They keep on complaining about how long it took for the National Guard to get there. First off, only 30% of the National Guard is over in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. That leaves, taking off another 10% in other parts of the world just to be safe, 60% here in the United States. Not only do you have the National Guard, you have the US Military. Yes, you hippies, we have troops over here. You know, in case someone attacks us on our own soil? Oh, and lets not forget the Red Cross as another form of relief.

Lets get this straight. Louisiana is not, I repeat, is not the only place that was hit by Hurricane Katrina. They didn't even get the worse of it. Missouri and Alabama are two other states that got hit just as bad, if not worse. So pardon my way of thinking if I'm not bitching, and complaining, about how long it took for them to get to New Orleans and other cities in Louisiana. Not our fault that you people didn't pay attention to the prior warning and didn't start evacuating. Blame the governor and other state officials. LEAVE BUSH ALONE!! Christ, he was even quoted on saying how disgusted he was on how long it took for aid to get set up down there.

So lets focus on helping these people okay? Leave your damn agendas to the side for just a second and sign a check to help these poor people out. You goddamn bastards. That goes for Republicans too! Don't sink down to their level and use this to promote what a good person Bush is. If people cant see it for themselves now, then their not worth convincing. Now go give some goddamn money!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger JohnK, No relation to SarahK said...

Excellent post, marvelous. Keep it up, you'll surpass IMAO in serious political commentary [satire's commentary]. I just heard about MS only a few hours ago-- however, since they're not below sea level, I can only imagine the next resurgent economic power int he region-- Mississippi.

And to back up what Raquel said, you neo-liberal hippy scumbags out there [and I know you are], the Governor of LA had 65,000 national guard troops just SITTING there outside of New Orleans, doing NOTHING, and then she started crying. Um, Rudy didn't cry on 9/11, did he?

Rudy had crisis drills every week when he was in office. NYPD and NYFD knew what to do as soon as plane one hit building one.

The governor of LA sent buses around to evacuate rich tourists, and when she needed to be in touch, she was cut off because she didn't own a satellite phone-- she didn't think a cell phone would work, did she? Then half the police force ran.

See, Republicans plan, Democrats evac their rich friends, have no clue what to do, are spineless and run, and then they cry blaming everyone else.

I come not to praise Bush, but to bury Louisiana, and add a Kadish for the dead.

Good post.

9/05/2005 9:42 PM  
Blogger JohnK, No relation to SarahK said...

Good post. Quite right. And the Governor had 65,000 troops outside of New Orleans just sitting there because she didn't invest in a satellite phones and cell phones don't work in a hurricane.

Good note on the other states hit by this. i only heard this hours ago.

Oh, yes, and the press noted that the levy's that broke WOULD break.... they noted that fact over 5 years ago.

Then again, the governor also spent time evacuating the rich tourists, leaving it to a 20 year old to steal a bus and evac the poor neighborhoods. And then the cops ran when the going got rough, and they had NO plan in advance (as opposed to 9/11-- Rudy had been running emergency drills every week he was in office).

Again, good post.

9/05/2005 9:46 PM  

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