Friday, September 30, 2005

Everyone Loves A Catholic School Girl!

I've recently been sent an email with a list entitled: "You're a catholic private school girl when...". Although not all of these things apply to me, I've picked the ones that are eerily close to the truth.

You mastered the art of cheating and cramming: I use to wear a kilt to school, and right under the fold on my lap, hide the answers for the test by safety pinning them to my skirt. That way, if I had to stand without warning I wouldn't be busted. Other methods include hiding it in the shorts you wear under your skirt, in your knee sock, or in the sleeve of your shirt and/or sweater. NEVER write it on your hands or anywhere else. They usually check for ink.

At one time, you liked your uniform: Hey, if you dressed it up the right way, the damn thing didn't look so bad. Trade in the usual stocking and penny loafers for fishnets and Doc Martins, ass a couple of choice accessories (dog collar, studded bracelets, ect.) and put on some black eyeliner and viola! Punk rock chic! Never underestimate a Catholic school girl who has to look good for a date at the last minute.

Everyone kisses each other to greet people: Now see, I never did this when I was in catholic school, but I saw everyone else do it. So does it still count if you do it outside the school? Most likely not...

You violated as many dress codes as possible and when you get caught, you pretended that you 'didn't know': In the two years I went to Dominican Academy, I got busted for wearing boots on 18 different occasions. At the risk of having to pay a $10 fine, wouldn't you lie too?

You have NO problem joking around about being a lesbian: Well it's not really joking if you have one foot in either playing field is it? Either way, I love kidding around like that. Mostly because I can go back and tell the girl you're really straight....^.^;

You spent many a religion class listening to your teacher preach about the Church's take on premarital sex, abortion, and the death penalty: And history class, and math class, and health class and English class....

You SERIOUSLY don't know how to shut up: I hate you John....

"Remember when's" are your specialty: But mine are always so funny, at least the ones I tell in school now. Also, see above comment.

***Guys ask you if you still have your uniform and if you would wear it for them***: JESUS if you only knew how many guys who found out I now go to public school have asked me that! Scary thing is though, I do still have it, and it fits too.

You know your friends haven't shaved it they wear pants for more than 3 or 4 days: I would think that this is just a woman's things in general. Come on ladies, you can't tell me not some of you take a break during the winter months. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Your parents are more involved than you in school: And they my mom still is. Jeez, you would think that would wear off after I stopped going to Catholic school. But I guess after eleven years it's programmed into her brain...


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