Sunday, August 14, 2005

Warped To Little Itty-Bitty Pieces

Today I have limited usage of my right arm, which I cannot bend at the elbow because it is swollen, and to bend it straight again causes a good deal of pain. Also I cannot raise it higher than my shoulder because that too causes a good deal of pain. My left arm is much better off but has maintained a bruised bicep, and makes a funny clicking sound whenever I raise it over my head, or do any other major rotations. Not to mention my legs are also making the funny clicking sounds whenever I try to stretch them out, and the right one is a bit sore...

I came home caked in dirt. Dirt in my ears, up my nose, in the crooks of my arm, and damn near everywhere else. Not to mention that my tank top, jeans and Converse that I had worn were filthy as well. Yes, I was a dirty little girl who felt like she was about to fall apart and for today, at least, have essentially have.

I blame this all on Van's Warped Tour 2005.

Think of the Temple scene from the Matrix Reloaded, only take away the sexiness, and add anger, dirt, some more sweat, an elevated level of violence, a few mosh pits and circle pits, and that's what this concert was. I ventured to this gathering of angry youth with my companions Linda and Kenny, and despite all my numerous aches, pains, agonies and injuries, I would do it all over again. ^.^ <3

The concert was fun, although because it was at an outside venue where there was a lot of dirt and grass (both the one on lawns and the one in pipes), and almost no rain in the past few days, the continuous moshing caused there to be a bit of dirt kicked up. So much that the last act FallOutBoy said, "You know what you guys look like? You look like the Charlie Brown character Pig Pen! I'm serious! You guys have a massive dirt cloud over your heads and you're still partying out there!" And when I looked out behind me, I saw that he wasn't kidding. In fact, he was putting it nicely. Incidentally, the lead singer who said that had come out saying "Hello New Jersey!", and had said it one more time before he noticed the sign on stage stating they were in New York and apologizing.

Just adding that because it was the only thing that ruined their good performance...

I got knocked down all of once, had to be pulled out of a crowd for dehydration, and had more fun than I have ever had at a concert. The best performances being from the bands My Chemical Romance, Story of the Year and Senses Fail, the best of the three being MCR. I think they just earned themselves a new fan.

To conclude this entry, and to convince you of how much pain this girl is going through, I shall take a quote from Kenny: "I haven't been this tired since I was in boot camp, and that's saying something...I had an amazing time."


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