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On Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing the Broadway play "Avenue Q" and albeit the occasional jab at right wingers, such as the gay puppets admission that it wasn't ok to come out of the closet since he was Republican, and the puppets and actors' song that things such as President Bush were only for the moment, it was enjoyable. Even if you haven't seen it, most people know it's a more realistic and adult version of Sesame Street(even if PBS are trying to make SS more realistic with Cookie Monster on Atkins...which is so sacrilege by the way.) One of the themes of the play was one's purpose in life. The puppet straight out of college is searching for his purpose. Well, aren't we all?
More than likely, you may be pro-military, but haven't enlisted. You can still show your support for the armed forces by choosing a career path that compliments the men and women in uniform. A historian, be it military or other, is an expert at understanding, discussing and writing about his speciality, and if he is a great historian he will be able to make complex concepts less complex. Then again, if anyone is great in their field they acheive this. The public should know about their culture's military history so as to understand its present day decisions such as why it's a necessity to be in the Middle East and elsewhere, whether fighting or not. The more people who have the light bulb go off in their head ('oh yeah, now I get it!') will be all the more who stand behind their country in war, and the more morale the U.S troops have to win the war on terrorism. There are some, like Micheal Crook, who don't even have the glass bulb to put the filament inside, and these are the people the military historians need to reach out to. He calls the military scum bags because he doesn't understand them.

Another person may have struggled with her faith in the past, but no more. Now, her latest struggle is what to do in terms of a career. She wants to do something she's passionate about, something she doesn't mind hauling long hours and losing sleep over finishing a project. At the same time, she's concerned that more and more people are losing sight of their faith and she doesn't want them to be lost like she once was. Obtaining a Master's degree is important for anyone who really wants to get ahead, especially going back to one of the songs from Avenue Q entitled "What do you do with a B.A. in English?" You go for an M.S. in Publishing and you work your way from crummy $25,000 a year positions and build an influence with your terrific work, hoping to one day start your own publishing firm that specializes in Christian literature that's fresh and interesting and gives life to writers who have been turned away from other publishing houses.
Need a person be obsessed with finding and then achieving their purpose, every day? My best piece of advice is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who either share your common purpose or support and enliven your life to keep you on your path.


Blogger Socio-Sweetie said...

i havernt even READ the whole article, but please tell me cookie monster is NOT on atkins...i will have to kill someone over at the tevelvision workshop.

putting my homeboy on a diet, man fuck you! :p

8/10/2005 8:09 PM  

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