Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Allegiance is Sealed

As I once told Jason, and since I can't remember verbatim, please forgive me, "John has the political commentary, you discuss the military side and I interpret both your ideas. Kind of like how the Supreme Court should run." Raquel and I share an affinity towards the x chromosome, neither of us are currently going for our PhD's and we have that Latin passion(albeit mine being only's not a very diluted 25%)

Now. I was willing to give the liberals a chance, was willing to work with them to express ourselves in a bipartisan light.
I moderate a Queens College alumni group on myspace, to which Jay and Raquel are both members of. Taking the initiative, as I usually do, I posed a question to the 11 members in my group regarding the upcoming mayoral election:
I checked out a few of your profiles and I noticed a trend, most of you were members of NYPIRG and Democrats. I don't know the exact numbers, but it's true that most CUNY students tend to vote towards the left end of the spectrum. Now, I'm a Republican, but I have no problems with you guys (after all, I have many liberal and democrat friends who also happened to be in SA and NYPIRG) and I'm interested in who you're planning to vote for mayor in November. I'll start. I'll admit I should be more up-to-date on this, but while unsure if Ognibene is out of the race or not, I plan on voting for him in my party's primary. Unfortunately, I know Bloomberg is going to win the Republican primary, but there are a lot of Democrats running and it looks like an interesting race.
One of the members of my group, now a CUNY political science graduate student and fan of "Star Trek, C-Span and John Kerry" replied with this
Who said Bloomie is a Republican? I always thought he was a democrat labels don;t mean much in NY. Look at Koch!I am more concered with these search and seizure operations by the NYPD. I don't think these guys ever took a real course in IR they probably slept through it. Searches don;t deter they just prove to the world that we are not the democracy that Tocqueville dreamed of?
I should have figured; in typical liberal fashion he dodges the question, insults a Republican and then proselytizes to the masses(in this case the other 10 QC alumni liberals who probably salivated at the chance to see their conservative moderator getting served.) Now, I'm a proud right-winger and know that my party would have answered a similiar question posed by a liberal in a respectful manner. I'd also like to commend the NYPD for those same search and seizures Ted laments about. Yes, I do feel safer in the subways and in the city knowing that the biggest threat now lies with the thug who tries to pull some shit but will more than likely either get caught or not bother.


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