Sunday, August 14, 2005

Let's put aside the Save the Whales campaign for a second.

Thanks to imao, I found a link to the Cat Welfare Society of Israel. When settlers in Gaza and Northern Samaria fled, many left behind their pets, including over 500 felines. I know, these animals should be recruited and scratch the Palestinians' eyes out, but in the meanwhile they're left without a home, in many cases in a home that's about to go under fire.
It breaks my heart to see pictures of these poor creatures whose lives are in jeopardy, but CWSI provides housing and care for these animals, and through the generous charity of cat lovers and pro-Zionists everywhere, many of them can have a second chance. Yes, if you look at it that way, these are Jewish cats, and every conservative in this country should do whatever they can with regards to their wallets to help them.


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