Thursday, August 18, 2005

Let Sleeping Dogs (AND PERSONS) Lie

Sorry, this rant is a long time coming from me...I hate people who ask you shit when you're in bed, thinking you're going to remember. Let me explain...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who when laying in bed are sometimes awaken by a roommate or family member, and are never really awake. The later in the day, or a few hours later, the person comes up to you and says something to the fact of, "How come you didn't do that thing you said you were going to do?". You sit there and either think or say, "And when exactly did we have this little conversation?". Of course they answer with something to the liking of, "When you were in bed this morning/ Earlier today? Don't you remember?"

First off: Of course you don't fucking remember! If you remembered, you would have done the said task, avoiding having to further deal with this jack-off bothering you. And why am I calling this person a jack-off? Well, if you ask someone something while they're half-asleep you must remember a few key things:
  1. You run the risk of the person you're asking not remembering. I mean, you're asking this person a question/favor right when they wake up from what was quite possibly a very deep sleep. So a note to everyone: not saying you shouldn't ask, but just prepare yourself for the job not to be done. Don't ask a sleeping person to do anything vital to your cause.
  2. The person might have just told you yes to get you the hell out of their face. I mean, they are sleeping, and I hope most of you can vouch with me on saying that when someone is bothering you during some good sleep, you'll say anything to get them the hell out of your face. You won't even understand what they're saying, and just say "yes" to get them out.
  3. The person might really have been willing to do the favor for you. Unlike in the previous two senarios, your friend/family member might have actually been coherent and knew what they were agreeing to. But there was one little flaw...they went back to sleep. Even the most reliable person can have a lapse when they fall back to sleep.

Most likely, the favor being asked of the sleeping person is something that the lazy bum asking could do themselves but think, "Hey! Why don't I ask this person to do it for me since they're here already?". They don't take into consideration that the other person is asleep at all, and they don't even think about what the other person might have been through the previous day/night. Whether the other person is hung over, had a tough day a work, or has been through something which is going to leave them quite sore when they wake up. These dick-heads need to be shot, mostly likely because they're the type of person who you would ask to do something for you while they're awake and have free time and the still won't do it for you!!!

I'm not saying that everyone who asks someone to do something in they're sleep is an asshole, but that you shouldn't really expect it to get done. Don't ask them to do anything important, or which might get them in trouble if they do not do it. Don't tell other people that "Joey agreed to do it for us." or anything like that. And don't get pissed when you discover that the job is not done, and try to tell the other person they're a jerk or whatever because it isn't done. This is what would make you an asshole.

It's not bad to ask them, "Hey, when you get up, you'd mind making the bed/s for me?". This is something that i would consider okay unless you get in they're face for not doing it later. Yet if you ask them "Hey! Could you send out that package for me express? If it doesn't get out by 3, it'll never make it in time and I might be fired.", meanwhile it's 1:45 and the person is sleeping off 3 hours of running, a rock concert, and a kegger.

All I ask is think, and ask of your sleeping comrades responsibly....jackass.


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