Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Beware of the Konecsni!

I feel that I should give prior warning to the 5 some-odd people who read this site-

Wow, that line in itself just made me more depressed. I think I have depression now. Quick! Some call Pfizer and get me some anti-depressant medication! One without any sexual side effect if you would...

Yes well in any case, today I ship off for be-a-utiful Puerto Rico...Not Porto Rico, Puerto Rico. Do a google search for the pronunciation for Christ's sake. Then again when my inner New Yorka takes over, I too become guilty of this mispronunciation. Ah well...What I came here to do is make one last blog entry before I must leave this, my baby. That and too annouce that I'm leaving my baby with the baby sitter from The Omen.

Yes, as the title says I am leaving this site to the role model for all stuffy, socially inept conservative Catholic republicans: John Konecsni. (bad enough I couldn't say his last name right until the other day, I STILL have no fucking clue how to spell it!) Well, lets get it over with...

Good bye my beloved blog! Good bye people who read it! (the reality of the number still depresses me...I wonder if Dan still reads this...If he does that's boost my number to 6!) Good bye internet and privacy and sanity...I leave you to spend a week with family in sweltering bug infested heat and humidity.

God have mercy on our souls.


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