Thursday, August 11, 2005

As If These People Didn't Have Enough To Bitch About...

I've recently discovered an email in my AOL box, a la JohnK as usual, about something very interesting. Apparently, Planned Parenthood of San Francisco released an animated piece on their web site. Now here's where I would usually link to said piece, but it has mysteriously disappeared from the site as of August 9. Of course, the day before I got back from Puerto Rico. (Murphy's done me AGAIN damnit!)

In any case I'm not going to go into overwhelming details about the cartoon, that's what these
two links are for, but to be put simply it was a rather violent cartoon depicting a black female heroine, oddly enough named after the Greek god of wine and self indulgence Dionysus, going around killing off Pro-Life advocates who were clearly Christian. And yes I do literally mean killing them off. In one case she drowns the guy in a trash can filled with water, and in another she traps them in exploding condom bubbles.

What a way to go. How do you tell the family members that they're dearly beloved was killed by a black woman who killed him in an exploding condom bubble? Makes for one hell of a epitaph I tell you that much...

Now, I could see this sort of thing as material for
Newgrounds or even FileCabi maybe, but I wouldn't think that someone would be stupid enough to think this was gonna fly as a serious means of promotion. I mean, my Protestant siblings in faith are a whinny bunch, and that's being nice. Not to say that the Catholic church doesn't do anything about such things, but at least we're dignified with our protesting and complaining. As if these people didn't have enough to bitch about, now they're being given fodder for even more complaining. Not to say that they're argument isn't justified. It's just that these people, the ones on either side of the argument, bug me. And that's the nice way of putting it.

On the one side, these Planned Parenthood people have lost site of what the fuck they're suppose to do. When you go in, the first thing they do is belittle you for not having used a condom. Okay, first of all, some of these girls might not have wanted what happened to them, and are making sure that everything's ok afterward. Second of all, FUCKING DUH! It's stupid to tell them that not using a condom is going to get them pregnant because they already found out the hard way now didn't they? Another thing with these people is that they push everything but abstinence. To quote Napoleon dynamite, "IDIOTS! Gosh...".

For the record I am not going to go head first into saying how great abstinence is and the joy of finding that special someone and blah, blah, blah. I had premarital relations, and gasp might even continue to do just that. So that goes right out the window. But I will say that after a while, it sort of dug in that gee, this isn't good for me. Maybe not so much physically when protection is used, but emotionally it was killing me. So yeah, not saying that abstinence is convenient but it's a option and shouldn't be ruled out, even if most teens will go on to ignore the advice. But you know what? It's worth trying if you do it right. No pun intended I really do assure you.

Now for what the other side is doing wrong. I understand what they want to do, and it's not bad. They want to stop a group whose purpose is as lost as that of the UN's. But like the UN, not everything about it is bad about this group (although most of it is in both cases). Some Christians are guilty of seeing all people who partake in the Planned Parenthood program as being like the idiots who released this cartoon, making them just as bad.

First of all those people were from California, and San Francisco of all places. They shouldn't really be counted as representives for their kind. Mainly're from California?

That and I've met some people who work under some sort of PPH program who are doing what I think the program is suppose to be doing: helping out kids who are having kids. Sitting down with them and I don't know, helping them plan their parenthood? Not all PPH members or supporters are abortion happy liberal peace-mongers. Just like not all Republicans are gun-totting religious maniacs...*looks over at John and Jason*...Well, not most of us in anycase.

In closing, I guess all I have to say is that I agree with both sides in part. I know I'm doing a bit of fence sitting here, but I cant really get behind and promote complete abstinence because that'd make me a hypocrite. Not only that but not all people can or should wait until marriage, not all people are going to get married. I mean lets be honest the world's not perfect, or completely Catholic, some exceptions must be made. Which is why Christians have to fucking tone it down, chill out, and see that giving the option of safe sex cannot be avoided, just like PPH can't avoid abstinence, because it is a valid option. I mean, why cant we just all get along?
Crazy-physco protestant people, you quietly give the option of safe sex to avoid the greater sin of having an abortion, and PPH jackasses, show abstinence in a more, I don't know, worldly light and not just as something "those Christians do"? If you people cant play nice with each other, I'll come in and unload a 12 gage upside your temples. NOW MAKE NICE!!


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