Thursday, August 04, 2005

And lo, the Four Horsemen have arisen.....

Hi, I'm Jason, aka Fafhrd. I'll be occasionally posting here, but more often at my own blog, Imperial Requiem. I typically do posts about snarky political stuff, or occasionally do some strategical and tactical overviews and in depth analyses of foriegn relations and military matters. I generally don't like two-facedness, which is why I'm pretty much against the liberals in the US these days. They haven't really done anyone any favors in the past 30 plus years since they came into mainstream society. They gave us the cowardly retreat from Vietnam, politically speaking, since militarily, the war was all but won for the Americans and ARVN in 1970-71. And that's just the tip of the iceberg with their anti-American military love affair. And as for social issues, they've managed to beat various minorities down into submissive states, only being allowed to play the victimization card when told to. And since I just started talking about racial issues, I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the US, someone's bitching about me "victimizing" their civil rights just on that basis. Please, spare me the Montel Williams garbage, and get your own backbone.

Otherwise, I'm your typical anime and scifi fan who plays video games, and also watches sports. Alot of it. Mets, Islanders, Jets, Giants, Knicks, yo. And huge pro wrestling fan. Been watching since the late 1980's, and haven't stopped. My favorite wrestlers are probably Bret Hart, Macho Man Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Misterio, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams, and Tommy Dreamer. If any of you have no idea who half those names are, don't worry. Look it up :).

Oh, and The Family Guy rules.


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