Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm Baaaack!!! (redux if i already used this title)

I'm so fucking glad to be back in New York!!! Such beautiful weather! How the hell is Jason surviving down there in Florida with all that fucking heat and humidity i have NO clue, but all i know is that i'm happy to be in my home state! ^.^<3

Alright, my reliefs are sung, now time to annouce that my vacation was not in vain! I am, for a week, doing a reveiwing of my Disney experience. Just a little warning...and i promise i'll try to make it as funny as possible.

PART 1 --> General Overview of the Rodent Kingdom

Now I'm not going to lie, I sorta like Disney. It's a cute place, and actually contains some decent rides in certain parks (but that's another topic I have in mind). This is a general overview of the four Disney theme parks and what I think of them.

Lets start with the newest of the Disney theme parks shall we? Animal Kingdom is my least favorite park. The bulk of its entertainment value is in its shows. It has five rides, one of which is a so called "4-D" show, that are worth mentioning. Actually, it only has those rides to mention. The biggest attraction of these supposedly being the safari, which is self explanatory. Only thing is, you're not guaranteed to see any God damned animals. If it's a really hot day? You're fucked. Not only that but the park is only opened from 9-5 for the animals to get their rest. Fucking animal activist imposing their views on others! It has too much raw potential, which just might begin to be tapped when Expedition Everest, a new rollercoaster that looks sweet opens in 2006. As for now, the best way to attack Animal Kingdom is to do the Dinosaur ride, the little kiddy roller coaster they have because it's actually pretty goddamn fun, and the water raft ride. If you must do the safari, do it in the morning first thing, gives you a greater chance at seeing those flea infested animals before they use their common sense and get out of the damn sun, something I myself and everyone else around me should be doing.

Ah yes, the Experimental Prototypical Community Of Tomorrow, better known as EPCOT. This is a nice little park. You can pretty much dodge the Mouse in this one. Yes, you heard me right. Except for that new hand thingie they added next to the Spaceship Earth, which is stupid, I never really see Mickey in this park as much as I do in the others. Mainly because the attraction of EPCOT is based on its World Showcase. They have a certain number of countries represented in the large semi-circle pavilion, one of which is unfortunately France, but if France is avoided, one can have a good time looking at these little mini countries. Another area of the park is the future/education area thingie that's outside the World Showcase. This is actually one park I wouldn't mind spending the day at walking around and such. No real complaints about EPCOT here. Well except that they let French people in...

Okay, not such a good picture since I really didn't take it, but lets move on with what I have to say about the damn park. It's an okay place. If you're into shows and those "behind the scenes" things for movie companies, or if you're just a huge Walt Disney freak, this is the park for you. For us non-freaks, again it's a decent park. A few okay rides, but in my opinion they have two really good rides and the rest can be skipped. You like shows and behind the scenes stuff? Spend the day there. Hell I can even see myself spending a few hours there myself. It's an "active studio" as they say, so you can see some of the stuff they're coming out with. Really cool place, but rides wise, only four to really speak of, one of which is the backlot tour, again for those who like that sort of thing. That and they have a two really great stunt shows, one with cars and one featuring Indiana Jones. Whips, anyone? ^.^ Also, their night show is really something else.
Oh boy, the Mecca for all little kids. It's...Eh it pretty much sucks if you're an adult. If this is the park you're looking forward to when you do your Disney vacation, and you don't have kids or are entertained by very kid-like things, you're better off going to Universal. To be fair, I will tell you that I can think of maybe six rides I would go to the Magic Kingdom to do, and even that's pushing it. I only say six because I have a soft spot in my heart for Pirates of the Caribbean. Advice to anyone going there? Do the trademark rides like Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain (did Walt have a mountain fetish?), and Pirates of the Caribbean. Then go catch the two new and pretty okay show/rides that they have, PhilharMagic and Stitch's Great Escape. After that? Well, just come back for the Wishes fireworks show. It's actually quite nice...

That's my general overview of the Magical Rodent Kingdom. You don't agree with it? Well tough rat pellets!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Movie Review: Greta's Picket Fence

To avoid giving too much of this overhyped movie away, this is the storyline. An ex porn star turned schoolteacher Ben (Johnny Depp) moves into a quaint suburban town of predominantly retirees. His new neighbor Jillian (Betty White) is a former vet and owns 4 golden retrievers that frollick the neighborhood without a leash. One day one of these dogs discovers Ben carving verses from an erotic Donne poem into an old oak tree and bites his hand. Seeing this attack, Jillian runs over and mends his wound, and also mends a whole in her own heart.

Monday, August 22, 2005


This will be my last post. Has anyone read Slander?

I leave you to John, Raquel and Jason, and giving them my best.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

I'm Really Trying to Type Straight...Honest!

Before I get too drunk on vodka and rum I....Hold on is this Grey Goose? Grey Goose vodka? AHHH!! I'm UNCLEAN!!! I've drunken Frenchnes!!! Oh good Lord on high!! It tastes of cowardice and rodents!! *throws bottle away* Back fowl liquid to the land from which you came!! You are unfit even to make Molotov cocktails! I spit on you! *phteh!*

*cough,cough,hack,cough* combat...invading...Frenchness...

Ack! Well, sorry about that. I should really read the bottle before I pick it up! I narrowly avoid drinking French brandy only to lay victim to Frenchness anyway! Oh what a cruel world this fowl demon Murphy has weaved...Do you hear me you bastard!! I'll get you!! I'LL GEEEET YOOOU!!!

(Hmm, liquor seems to make my postings more comical, or at least to me anyway...)

Yes well, okay enough of that, straight to business! I am going away tomorrow...*squints at clock*...Alright later today to Florida. Yes, I am yet again, in the same year, traversing to the land of rodent, and yes, I'm sure I'm going to Orlando and not Paris, France!

I've been having a rough past two days and resumed my stiff drink intake just an hour ago. I'm not completely drunk, nor do I plan to be. But this journal entry is going to take several rewrites before I catch all the errors. So don't be fooled if you're reading this and it comes out decent. It took countless rewrites to get it in such a condition...

Anycase, I will see you people in a week if I am not able to post before I leave tomorrow at 3pm to get to the airport in time for my 5pm flight, or are we leaving at 2? Anycase, I'm flying JetBlue, which is really a shame. I liked flying Continental to Puerto Rico a few weeks ago. Not only did they give me a full meal, the gave me real utensils! Which didn't make me nervous, but happy that one brave airline was making the statement, "Hey, fuck you people. We're still going to give out our slightly above decent food with real utensils so our customers won't feel like barbarians, thank you very much!"

Very British of them. Not only that, but they do it in risk of incurring the wrath of some lunatic. Very gutsy of them. I like Continental.

Anyway I leave my blog in the care of these lunatics. One of which will be in the same state as me...Only it's permanent...Which sucks cause I liked Jason a lot. Oh well, lets hope he comes to visit. Or that I can sneak up to Tallahassee during the week that I'm going to be down there.

Speaking of fellow bloggers down in Florida...FrankJ...*drools*...I must resume my plan to bring him my glory!!! *hunches over scroll marked SECRET PLAN TO KIDNAP FRANKJ AND MAKE HIM ALL MINE: CLASSIFIED INFORMATION*

Hey, what are you looking at? Every girl needs their hobby...and this is mine. Now shoo! I have evil plans to make...BWAHAHA!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Let Sleeping Dogs (AND PERSONS) Lie

Sorry, this rant is a long time coming from me...I hate people who ask you shit when you're in bed, thinking you're going to remember. Let me explain...

I'm sure I'm not the only one who when laying in bed are sometimes awaken by a roommate or family member, and are never really awake. The later in the day, or a few hours later, the person comes up to you and says something to the fact of, "How come you didn't do that thing you said you were going to do?". You sit there and either think or say, "And when exactly did we have this little conversation?". Of course they answer with something to the liking of, "When you were in bed this morning/ Earlier today? Don't you remember?"

First off: Of course you don't fucking remember! If you remembered, you would have done the said task, avoiding having to further deal with this jack-off bothering you. And why am I calling this person a jack-off? Well, if you ask someone something while they're half-asleep you must remember a few key things:
  1. You run the risk of the person you're asking not remembering. I mean, you're asking this person a question/favor right when they wake up from what was quite possibly a very deep sleep. So a note to everyone: not saying you shouldn't ask, but just prepare yourself for the job not to be done. Don't ask a sleeping person to do anything vital to your cause.
  2. The person might have just told you yes to get you the hell out of their face. I mean, they are sleeping, and I hope most of you can vouch with me on saying that when someone is bothering you during some good sleep, you'll say anything to get them the hell out of your face. You won't even understand what they're saying, and just say "yes" to get them out.
  3. The person might really have been willing to do the favor for you. Unlike in the previous two senarios, your friend/family member might have actually been coherent and knew what they were agreeing to. But there was one little flaw...they went back to sleep. Even the most reliable person can have a lapse when they fall back to sleep.

Most likely, the favor being asked of the sleeping person is something that the lazy bum asking could do themselves but think, "Hey! Why don't I ask this person to do it for me since they're here already?". They don't take into consideration that the other person is asleep at all, and they don't even think about what the other person might have been through the previous day/night. Whether the other person is hung over, had a tough day a work, or has been through something which is going to leave them quite sore when they wake up. These dick-heads need to be shot, mostly likely because they're the type of person who you would ask to do something for you while they're awake and have free time and the still won't do it for you!!!

I'm not saying that everyone who asks someone to do something in they're sleep is an asshole, but that you shouldn't really expect it to get done. Don't ask them to do anything important, or which might get them in trouble if they do not do it. Don't tell other people that "Joey agreed to do it for us." or anything like that. And don't get pissed when you discover that the job is not done, and try to tell the other person they're a jerk or whatever because it isn't done. This is what would make you an asshole.

It's not bad to ask them, "Hey, when you get up, you'd mind making the bed/s for me?". This is something that i would consider okay unless you get in they're face for not doing it later. Yet if you ask them "Hey! Could you send out that package for me express? If it doesn't get out by 3, it'll never make it in time and I might be fired.", meanwhile it's 1:45 and the person is sleeping off 3 hours of running, a rock concert, and a kegger.

All I ask is think, and ask of your sleeping comrades responsibly....jackass.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In Some Way, We All Agree With This...

This was posted by my dear friend Linda on her MySpace journal. I believe everyone who should be on this site will somehow agree with what she's talking about. I swear to you this girl has the wisdom of the ages tucked away under that beautiful skull of her's! Now if we can just unlock it...

Saturday, June 18, 2005
Internet Fagtardness
ok..So i've seen some real Retarded things on the internet in my day, but this shit is getting way out of hand.
If the following applies to you, you should be beat with a wooden spoon and left bleeding in the moonlight.
1. If You're a guy and your screen name is "cuteprettypapichulo"
2. If you TyPe LiKe tHiS (This makes my eyes bleed and it's not "hip")
3. If you're underaged and feel the need to post pictures of your exposed ass and breasts.
5. If you post pictures of your cell phones, new sneakers or anything of that sort ( I highly doubt anybody gives a fuck that you have the latest jordans with your name spray painted on the side.)
6. People who post their phone numbers around.
7. If you've used "mami, chula, dyme or silvadolla" in your oh so creative screen names.
8. If you're over the age of 35 and still feel the need to whore around the internet.
9. Those people who sign up on myspace just to advertise their bullshit sites.
10. If each and every one of your pictures feature you on all fours with your ass held high in the air for extra "fatness" (Unless you're a paraplegic that fell out your wheel chair, There's no need for you to be posing that way)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Feminist Should Be Proud, But Will They Be?

I merrily blame John for being up at such an insane hour. Although I most likely would have been up anyway, and usually am...

In any case, breaking news from the White House! No, not from the Oval Office...Or from the Rose Garden, not even from around the water cooler as secretaries and interns discuss what color tie the President is wearing today and a blogger listens in while typing it all down. No, it's from the White House kitchen where history is being...cooked up?

Sorry...Bad pun. Excuse me while I flog myself for this crime of bad humor...

Okay...(hobbles back into room) On with the news! Yes sometime yesterday Laura Bush, being the woman of the White House and having to make all the womanly decisions that make Mr. Bush look so dandy, has helped to make history. She has hired the first female head chef of the White House kitchen, a Miss Cristeta Comerford. Feminist rejoice!

What? You're not rejoicing? It's a set back you say? Really now? Doesn't seem like that to me. Considering that women, who according to some closed minded men are suppose to be doing all the cooking, are hardly making a mark on the professional cooking scene. Plus the fact that, read back carefully now, this woman is the first head chef of our leader's kitchen. I'm sorry but it's my opinion that if women are supposedly given these certain responsibilities from a higher power (the higher power usually being no more powerful than a drunken macho-headed red-neck) shouldn't we be the best in those Fields?

Feminist are not going to count this as a victory, at least the stupid ones aren't. I myself however, as a fellow sharer of the XX chromosome, congratulate Miss Comerford. You go girl! Show them what cooking's all about and put the others to shame!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Warped To Little Itty-Bitty Pieces

Today I have limited usage of my right arm, which I cannot bend at the elbow because it is swollen, and to bend it straight again causes a good deal of pain. Also I cannot raise it higher than my shoulder because that too causes a good deal of pain. My left arm is much better off but has maintained a bruised bicep, and makes a funny clicking sound whenever I raise it over my head, or do any other major rotations. Not to mention my legs are also making the funny clicking sounds whenever I try to stretch them out, and the right one is a bit sore...

I came home caked in dirt. Dirt in my ears, up my nose, in the crooks of my arm, and damn near everywhere else. Not to mention that my tank top, jeans and Converse that I had worn were filthy as well. Yes, I was a dirty little girl who felt like she was about to fall apart and for today, at least, have essentially have.

I blame this all on Van's Warped Tour 2005.

Think of the Temple scene from the Matrix Reloaded, only take away the sexiness, and add anger, dirt, some more sweat, an elevated level of violence, a few mosh pits and circle pits, and that's what this concert was. I ventured to this gathering of angry youth with my companions Linda and Kenny, and despite all my numerous aches, pains, agonies and injuries, I would do it all over again. ^.^ <3

The concert was fun, although because it was at an outside venue where there was a lot of dirt and grass (both the one on lawns and the one in pipes), and almost no rain in the past few days, the continuous moshing caused there to be a bit of dirt kicked up. So much that the last act FallOutBoy said, "You know what you guys look like? You look like the Charlie Brown character Pig Pen! I'm serious! You guys have a massive dirt cloud over your heads and you're still partying out there!" And when I looked out behind me, I saw that he wasn't kidding. In fact, he was putting it nicely. Incidentally, the lead singer who said that had come out saying "Hello New Jersey!", and had said it one more time before he noticed the sign on stage stating they were in New York and apologizing.

Just adding that because it was the only thing that ruined their good performance...

I got knocked down all of once, had to be pulled out of a crowd for dehydration, and had more fun than I have ever had at a concert. The best performances being from the bands My Chemical Romance, Story of the Year and Senses Fail, the best of the three being MCR. I think they just earned themselves a new fan.

To conclude this entry, and to convince you of how much pain this girl is going through, I shall take a quote from Kenny: "I haven't been this tired since I was in boot camp, and that's saying something...I had an amazing time."

Let's put aside the Save the Whales campaign for a second.

Thanks to imao, I found a link to the Cat Welfare Society of Israel. When settlers in Gaza and Northern Samaria fled, many left behind their pets, including over 500 felines. I know, these animals should be recruited and scratch the Palestinians' eyes out, but in the meanwhile they're left without a home, in many cases in a home that's about to go under fire.
It breaks my heart to see pictures of these poor creatures whose lives are in jeopardy, but CWSI provides housing and care for these animals, and through the generous charity of cat lovers and pro-Zionists everywhere, many of them can have a second chance. Yes, if you look at it that way, these are Jewish cats, and every conservative in this country should do whatever they can with regards to their wallets to help them.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Allegiance is Sealed

As I once told Jason, and since I can't remember verbatim, please forgive me, "John has the political commentary, you discuss the military side and I interpret both your ideas. Kind of like how the Supreme Court should run." Raquel and I share an affinity towards the x chromosome, neither of us are currently going for our PhD's and we have that Latin passion(albeit mine being only's not a very diluted 25%)

Now. I was willing to give the liberals a chance, was willing to work with them to express ourselves in a bipartisan light.
I moderate a Queens College alumni group on myspace, to which Jay and Raquel are both members of. Taking the initiative, as I usually do, I posed a question to the 11 members in my group regarding the upcoming mayoral election:
I checked out a few of your profiles and I noticed a trend, most of you were members of NYPIRG and Democrats. I don't know the exact numbers, but it's true that most CUNY students tend to vote towards the left end of the spectrum. Now, I'm a Republican, but I have no problems with you guys (after all, I have many liberal and democrat friends who also happened to be in SA and NYPIRG) and I'm interested in who you're planning to vote for mayor in November. I'll start. I'll admit I should be more up-to-date on this, but while unsure if Ognibene is out of the race or not, I plan on voting for him in my party's primary. Unfortunately, I know Bloomberg is going to win the Republican primary, but there are a lot of Democrats running and it looks like an interesting race.
One of the members of my group, now a CUNY political science graduate student and fan of "Star Trek, C-Span and John Kerry" replied with this
Who said Bloomie is a Republican? I always thought he was a democrat labels don;t mean much in NY. Look at Koch!I am more concered with these search and seizure operations by the NYPD. I don't think these guys ever took a real course in IR they probably slept through it. Searches don;t deter they just prove to the world that we are not the democracy that Tocqueville dreamed of?
I should have figured; in typical liberal fashion he dodges the question, insults a Republican and then proselytizes to the masses(in this case the other 10 QC alumni liberals who probably salivated at the chance to see their conservative moderator getting served.) Now, I'm a proud right-winger and know that my party would have answered a similiar question posed by a liberal in a respectful manner. I'd also like to commend the NYPD for those same search and seizures Ted laments about. Yes, I do feel safer in the subways and in the city knowing that the biggest threat now lies with the thug who tries to pull some shit but will more than likely either get caught or not bother.

Nintendo DS: More Addictive than crack

I have had a Nintendo DS for only a week now...and it's become like a narcotic substance to me. You can move things around with the stylus! Puzzle games are awesome because of that!

And you can't go wrong with Nintendo's motto for the DS: Touching is Good.


As If These People Didn't Have Enough To Bitch About...

I've recently discovered an email in my AOL box, a la JohnK as usual, about something very interesting. Apparently, Planned Parenthood of San Francisco released an animated piece on their web site. Now here's where I would usually link to said piece, but it has mysteriously disappeared from the site as of August 9. Of course, the day before I got back from Puerto Rico. (Murphy's done me AGAIN damnit!)

In any case I'm not going to go into overwhelming details about the cartoon, that's what these
two links are for, but to be put simply it was a rather violent cartoon depicting a black female heroine, oddly enough named after the Greek god of wine and self indulgence Dionysus, going around killing off Pro-Life advocates who were clearly Christian. And yes I do literally mean killing them off. In one case she drowns the guy in a trash can filled with water, and in another she traps them in exploding condom bubbles.

What a way to go. How do you tell the family members that they're dearly beloved was killed by a black woman who killed him in an exploding condom bubble? Makes for one hell of a epitaph I tell you that much...

Now, I could see this sort of thing as material for
Newgrounds or even FileCabi maybe, but I wouldn't think that someone would be stupid enough to think this was gonna fly as a serious means of promotion. I mean, my Protestant siblings in faith are a whinny bunch, and that's being nice. Not to say that the Catholic church doesn't do anything about such things, but at least we're dignified with our protesting and complaining. As if these people didn't have enough to bitch about, now they're being given fodder for even more complaining. Not to say that they're argument isn't justified. It's just that these people, the ones on either side of the argument, bug me. And that's the nice way of putting it.

On the one side, these Planned Parenthood people have lost site of what the fuck they're suppose to do. When you go in, the first thing they do is belittle you for not having used a condom. Okay, first of all, some of these girls might not have wanted what happened to them, and are making sure that everything's ok afterward. Second of all, FUCKING DUH! It's stupid to tell them that not using a condom is going to get them pregnant because they already found out the hard way now didn't they? Another thing with these people is that they push everything but abstinence. To quote Napoleon dynamite, "IDIOTS! Gosh...".

For the record I am not going to go head first into saying how great abstinence is and the joy of finding that special someone and blah, blah, blah. I had premarital relations, and gasp might even continue to do just that. So that goes right out the window. But I will say that after a while, it sort of dug in that gee, this isn't good for me. Maybe not so much physically when protection is used, but emotionally it was killing me. So yeah, not saying that abstinence is convenient but it's a option and shouldn't be ruled out, even if most teens will go on to ignore the advice. But you know what? It's worth trying if you do it right. No pun intended I really do assure you.

Now for what the other side is doing wrong. I understand what they want to do, and it's not bad. They want to stop a group whose purpose is as lost as that of the UN's. But like the UN, not everything about it is bad about this group (although most of it is in both cases). Some Christians are guilty of seeing all people who partake in the Planned Parenthood program as being like the idiots who released this cartoon, making them just as bad.

First of all those people were from California, and San Francisco of all places. They shouldn't really be counted as representives for their kind. Mainly're from California?

That and I've met some people who work under some sort of PPH program who are doing what I think the program is suppose to be doing: helping out kids who are having kids. Sitting down with them and I don't know, helping them plan their parenthood? Not all PPH members or supporters are abortion happy liberal peace-mongers. Just like not all Republicans are gun-totting religious maniacs...*looks over at John and Jason*...Well, not most of us in anycase.

In closing, I guess all I have to say is that I agree with both sides in part. I know I'm doing a bit of fence sitting here, but I cant really get behind and promote complete abstinence because that'd make me a hypocrite. Not only that but not all people can or should wait until marriage, not all people are going to get married. I mean lets be honest the world's not perfect, or completely Catholic, some exceptions must be made. Which is why Christians have to fucking tone it down, chill out, and see that giving the option of safe sex cannot be avoided, just like PPH can't avoid abstinence, because it is a valid option. I mean, why cant we just all get along?
Crazy-physco protestant people, you quietly give the option of safe sex to avoid the greater sin of having an abortion, and PPH jackasses, show abstinence in a more, I don't know, worldly light and not just as something "those Christians do"? If you people cant play nice with each other, I'll come in and unload a 12 gage upside your temples. NOW MAKE NICE!!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


On Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing the Broadway play "Avenue Q" and albeit the occasional jab at right wingers, such as the gay puppets admission that it wasn't ok to come out of the closet since he was Republican, and the puppets and actors' song that things such as President Bush were only for the moment, it was enjoyable. Even if you haven't seen it, most people know it's a more realistic and adult version of Sesame Street(even if PBS are trying to make SS more realistic with Cookie Monster on Atkins...which is so sacrilege by the way.) One of the themes of the play was one's purpose in life. The puppet straight out of college is searching for his purpose. Well, aren't we all?
More than likely, you may be pro-military, but haven't enlisted. You can still show your support for the armed forces by choosing a career path that compliments the men and women in uniform. A historian, be it military or other, is an expert at understanding, discussing and writing about his speciality, and if he is a great historian he will be able to make complex concepts less complex. Then again, if anyone is great in their field they acheive this. The public should know about their culture's military history so as to understand its present day decisions such as why it's a necessity to be in the Middle East and elsewhere, whether fighting or not. The more people who have the light bulb go off in their head ('oh yeah, now I get it!') will be all the more who stand behind their country in war, and the more morale the U.S troops have to win the war on terrorism. There are some, like Micheal Crook, who don't even have the glass bulb to put the filament inside, and these are the people the military historians need to reach out to. He calls the military scum bags because he doesn't understand them.

Another person may have struggled with her faith in the past, but no more. Now, her latest struggle is what to do in terms of a career. She wants to do something she's passionate about, something she doesn't mind hauling long hours and losing sleep over finishing a project. At the same time, she's concerned that more and more people are losing sight of their faith and she doesn't want them to be lost like she once was. Obtaining a Master's degree is important for anyone who really wants to get ahead, especially going back to one of the songs from Avenue Q entitled "What do you do with a B.A. in English?" You go for an M.S. in Publishing and you work your way from crummy $25,000 a year positions and build an influence with your terrific work, hoping to one day start your own publishing firm that specializes in Christian literature that's fresh and interesting and gives life to writers who have been turned away from other publishing houses.
Need a person be obsessed with finding and then achieving their purpose, every day? My best piece of advice is to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who either share your common purpose or support and enliven your life to keep you on your path.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

And lo, the Four Horsemen have arisen.....

Hi, I'm Jason, aka Fafhrd. I'll be occasionally posting here, but more often at my own blog, Imperial Requiem. I typically do posts about snarky political stuff, or occasionally do some strategical and tactical overviews and in depth analyses of foriegn relations and military matters. I generally don't like two-facedness, which is why I'm pretty much against the liberals in the US these days. They haven't really done anyone any favors in the past 30 plus years since they came into mainstream society. They gave us the cowardly retreat from Vietnam, politically speaking, since militarily, the war was all but won for the Americans and ARVN in 1970-71. And that's just the tip of the iceberg with their anti-American military love affair. And as for social issues, they've managed to beat various minorities down into submissive states, only being allowed to play the victimization card when told to. And since I just started talking about racial issues, I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the US, someone's bitching about me "victimizing" their civil rights just on that basis. Please, spare me the Montel Williams garbage, and get your own backbone.

Otherwise, I'm your typical anime and scifi fan who plays video games, and also watches sports. Alot of it. Mets, Islanders, Jets, Giants, Knicks, yo. And huge pro wrestling fan. Been watching since the late 1980's, and haven't stopped. My favorite wrestlers are probably Bret Hart, Macho Man Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Misterio, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams, and Tommy Dreamer. If any of you have no idea who half those names are, don't worry. Look it up :).

Oh, and The Family Guy rules.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Can the third Republican raise her hand?

Before I get started in introducing myself, I hope Raquel is safe and well in Puerto Rico. With that said, I'm Kat, commonly referred to by Ms. SocioSweetie as KatKat. A little background on myself; I'm the youngest of five children between the ages of 23 and 44. Growing up I assumed I was adopted since all the other children of my generation sprout with dark features and I looked like a Viking sacrifice child. I know Raquel is a proud Puerto Rican and John has his allegiance to the Irish, but where do I stand in these colorful waters of heritage?(I imagine the waters of heritage have the appearance of running water over a bag of Skittles.) On my mother's side there's Italian, Irish, Spanish, English and French-Indian and on my father's there's Italian and German. Both my parents identify themselves as American, but my Mom's said that if she had to identify with a particular culture, she'd say she was an American of Spanish descent.
I have interests that span the globe so much I get dizzy. Ever since I was a little Kitty, I've enjoyed studying atlases and city maps. I knew about the Reunion Islands before I turned 10. I began writing tales of the macabre when I was 8 and I think one of the first titles was "Death at Disney." I recently found a folder with a collection of my short stories from these days and one day when I have nothing better to do, will laugh at them over a bottle of wine with some friends. Maybe make margaritas. I'm a diehard Mets fan, a fan of felines and a fan of 80's hair metal. I don't make it a secret that I enjoy country music, especially classic acts like Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. I met Garth Brooks in 1989.

I'd like to leave ya'll with one last thought.....this heart is showered with astroturf.

Beware of the Konecsni!

I feel that I should give prior warning to the 5 some-odd people who read this site-

Wow, that line in itself just made me more depressed. I think I have depression now. Quick! Some call Pfizer and get me some anti-depressant medication! One without any sexual side effect if you would...

Yes well in any case, today I ship off for be-a-utiful Puerto Rico...Not Porto Rico, Puerto Rico. Do a google search for the pronunciation for Christ's sake. Then again when my inner New Yorka takes over, I too become guilty of this mispronunciation. Ah well...What I came here to do is make one last blog entry before I must leave this, my baby. That and too annouce that I'm leaving my baby with the baby sitter from The Omen.

Yes, as the title says I am leaving this site to the role model for all stuffy, socially inept conservative Catholic republicans: John Konecsni. (bad enough I couldn't say his last name right until the other day, I STILL have no fucking clue how to spell it!) Well, lets get it over with...

Good bye my beloved blog! Good bye people who read it! (the reality of the number still depresses me...I wonder if Dan still reads this...If he does that's boost my number to 6!) Good bye internet and privacy and sanity...I leave you to spend a week with family in sweltering bug infested heat and humidity.

God have mercy on our souls.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Complaint Department

Now I'm not one to complain, but when things don't work the way they're suppose to I like to make inquires as to why such things are not in proper working order. There are though, such things that you cannot simply go to a customer complaint department for. But oh! Wouldn't it be loverly if you could?

Hello! Welcome to the Miscellaneous Complaints Department, how can I be of service?

Yes I wish to make a complaint about this man I agreed to date not but a half a year ago.

Ah yes! The American-Male Boyfriend Relationship! Well...What seems to be the problem with him?

I'll tell you what's wrong with it! It's dead, that's what's wrong with it!

No, it's just hit a slow point!

Look sir, I know a dead relationship when I see one and I'm looking at one right now.

No, no it's not dead, it's just slowed down a bit! Great model you have, the American-Male, wouldn't you say! Beautiful coif.

The coif don't enter into it. The relationship is stone dead.

Nononono no, no! It's just a slow point! He's still reactant to you, he's just resting!

All right then, if he's resting, I'll wake him up! HELLO MISTER LOVER BOY!! I'VE GOT A LITTLE SUPRISE FOR YOU IF YOU-

There, see! He moved!

No, he didn't. That was you hitting his shoulder!

Well I never!

Yes, you did!

I never, never did anything...


(smacks boyfriend upside head, causing his to fall over onto the counter and slump onto the floor)

Now that's what I call a dead relationship.

No, no......No, he's stunned!


Yeah! You stunned him, just as he was waking up out of it! American-Males stun easily miss...At least the conservative ones. Is he conservative?

Um...I guess.

Well then see? You stunned him!

Now look! I've just about had enough of this! This relationship is deceased, and when I entered into it half a year ago and made the initial complaint, you assured me that his total lack of interest was due to being tired and emotionally drained from a previous long-term relationship.

Well he's...he's ah...Probably pining for the range! The wide open range!

PINING FOR THE RANGE?! What the hell are you talking about? He's a city boy, not a cowboy! Look, tell me why'd he just plopped flat on his ass in front of the TV when I got him home? He didn't even try to woo me!

The American-Male prefers to keep on his ass! Remarkable man isn't he? Lovely coif!

Look, I took the liberty of looking him over the other day and I found out the only reason he's still with me is because of an electronic leash he has implanted in his skin!

......Well of course he has that! Stops him from jumping you at night and giving you some unwanted attention!

Unwanted attention? This guy wouldn't give me attention if I was naked on a bed of a million dollars! The relationship has reached it's demise!

NO! He's just taking a hiatus!

He's not resting, and he's not pining! It' dead! It's passed on! The relationship is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet it's maker! He's a stiff, no to mention the sex! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! It's off the twig! It's kicked the bucket, shuffled off the mortal coil, run down the curtain and join the fucking choir invisible! THIS MAN HERE IS AN EX-BOYFRIEND!

Well, we'd better replace it then...But I'm sorry to annouce that we're out of any American-Male boyfriend models left.

Okay then...

I can downgrade your current model to a American-Male friendship if you want.

Does it go all the way?

Nnnnnnot really.


N-no, I guess not.

You guess right.

Do you...Um...You want to come over to my place though?

*sigh* Why not?

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