Thursday, July 14, 2005

What Will Become of Rover?

Before I share with you what has brought on this question, I will bring to you the answer: nothing! Karl Rove is so evil that anyone in their right mind should be scared to even consider doing something. Then again, democrats aren't all there are they?

In any case, Rover is appearently being connected with some sort of CIA leak. I haven't read the article, but I am assuming it has to do with Rove having leaked out the identiy of a political rival's wife while she was on an active case, thus endangering her. First of all, if this is about her, they're a little late. Mainly because this is old and happened, I believe, while Bush was running for office in Texas. But that's only according to what I heard. According to the article on AOL, it happened in July 2003, but still the same concept of Rover doing this to some Democrat who was unwise enough to piss him off still stands. I'm only hoping for them to be more accurate, but not much. It is an AOL article after all.

In any case, I'm covering this for a few reasons: I need to be less lazy and tend to my blog more, I love Rover's political and general evilness, and I'm just in love with how AOL covered the story. The article just made me smile, and I'd like to share some parts of it with you, like it or not.

First of all are the pictures of Rove they got:

They couldn't just get a normal picture of Rove (if that isn't an oxymoron), they had to get a menacing one of him from over the President's shoulder. Which I think is exactly what he would have wanted. And come on don't you just love the effect it gives? He's the evil omniscent presence in the administration, and this picture shows it. Snaps for the person who was brave enough to attempt to take it, for as you can see, he was clearly killed by Rove's evil death vision after it was taken. Rover's clearly aiming for his head. Poor bastard didn't stand a chance...

Another thing I love is that they give a bio on Rove, like the kind you see on trading cards:

The Background on Rove
Age: 54, born in Denver

Education: Attended the University of Utah but didn't graduate

Affiliation With Bush:· Met George W. Bush around 1974, when he was assistant to George H.W. Bush· Adviser to George W. Bush since his first run for governor in 1994

Current Post: Deputy chief of staff

Nickname: "The Architect," coined by President Bush
Sources: AP,

I kid you not, this is how it appears on the article. You can check it yourself if you don't believe me. Now it just might be my naivete, but I'm just tickled by this article. It just tries so hard to make him seem evil. Someone should have told them to save their efforts. I mean just look at him, he just oozes evil, and with a nickname like "The Architect", who wouldn't be?


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