Sunday, July 10, 2005

Super Movie Review!

Last night I saw the Fantastic Four, decent movie. Not too bad. I also saw Batman Begins a while ago, and forgot to put down my review for it: It was simply awesome. If I had to pick one of these movies to watch again, it would be Batman Begins. Just because it was so much better than any other of the Batman movies that had ever come out.

But this is not only to review the super hero movies that are out. It's about the super hero trend when it comes to movies. Now it might just be me, but I'm a wee bit worried. I don't want super hero movies to be cliche or overdone. Mainly cause they're so fun. We don't need super hero movies to go the way of the sappy 90s Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movies.

So please. Save our super hero movies.


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