Sunday, July 10, 2005

Shakespeare In The Park

Oh what fun we had! We'll skip over the fact that I was an hour late getting on the line and when Margaret and I went wondering around looking for a deli so that I might have some coffee and food.

First, I shall point out a fundamental difference between me and the Konescni clan: they can actually sit and read something while they are waiting. See, when I bring a book to some sort of waiting event where I am expecting to be with other people I know, I bring it only to read for the period of time I am going to be alone. You know, waiting for them to come, while they go to the bathroom, things of that manner.

These people can actually ignore human contact and read. I mean, I always thought waiting in line with friends was considered a social event. Hell, even John said he wanted it to be a social event. I mean, I spent most of the time before we started talking staring at them reading, amazed. I can't do that. I see an opportunity to socialize and I do just that.

In any case, I met Jason. He's cool. Too bad he's moving to Florida. Because Florida is awesome and he's going to school there. Lucky bastard's gonna get that all important Florida drivers license that gets you the discount to any case.

We went to Unos after the line. After that I got on the train and went home.

When I came back Kat-Kat was there. (hurrah Kat-Kat!!) And we sat at the statue for a while while John talked to Inna, and subsequently deleted her from all his contacts lists. After he related this to me, we went into the park. Me, being annoying and demanding, wanted John to take me to see the castle up near the Delacorte Theatre. We did. And we scaled the castle walls as well. Because that's how me and John roll.

If only you know how hard I laughed after and while writing that line. Mainly because we actually did scale the castle walls, and it sounds like something we would normally joke about doing.

In any case, we climbed the rocks against the walls of the castle near Turtle Pond and then ran back to the theatre just before the play started. The play was fun. It was entertaining and the evening itself was very enjoyable as well as the day.

And the fact that there were no major incidents that got me in trouble in any way also makes me feel the day was a success. Hurrah not getting in trouble! Not only that John informally met my father. I'm sorta happy about that. It's not exactly a foot in the door to telling them about my friendship with John, but it's something. Although I am almost 100% sure dad's going to forget John within the next week if even that.


Blogger Katsvenland said...


I guess I should add "KatKat" to my list of nicknames.
Like you, I don't know how the Konecscni siblings can sit and read in front of friends. At first I thought it was an insult to the present company, but that's what they that's why they have a basement full of books.
Btw got a new phone that actually works(let's cross our fingers and hope Murphy doesn't stick his ugly self in the middle)

7/11/2005 7:43 PM  
Blogger Socio-Sweetie said...

^.^ i can understand that! especially since my cell phone ran out of money!

and yeah, it's not really an insult. it's just them.

7/11/2005 9:43 PM  

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