Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Oh Dexter!!

Oh My Dearly, Darling Dexter! How close you are, yet so far away! You know, stupid Barnes & Nobles can stay open later to give out that stupid Harry Mudblood Potter book out, but can't stay open for you? Curses on them all!

In any case it is officially July 19th, and since I am up, I have decided to rejoice on that it is the day that Dexter is out. Although I seriously doubt that it was necessary to reserve the book, I wanted to. Because I like having my own little book put to the side just for me, with a jacket paper-thingie on it with my name on it. It makes me feel special. Besides, there is a safe chance that the only people in the store to lay their grubby little hands on it are the people who took it out of the box and put it aside for me.

Oh Dexter! How I await the hour at which I can read about your sociopathic greatness, which is haunts all my dreams.!

Good thing that Dexter his real, only goes under the name John Emery Konescni. ^.^ (which is creepy because Dexter is actually the only literary character I have read of that reminds me almost EXACTLY of John...You know I think I should be taking this as some sort of sign or omen but whatever...Then again there is Professor Higgins...)


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