Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm Baaaaaack!

But of course I would return to my beloved blog! I have finally come out of most of my readings. It took me longer than usual to finish Potter. This is mainly due to the fact that it was so repetitive that at times I felt like jumping into the book and stabbing certain wizards and witches in their friggin eye!

Eh-hem...Yes well, I am still reading Dexter, and unlike with the HBP, I will not ruin the ending to this wonderful book. Mainly because, well, it's a wonderful book. You must go out and buy it now! Now I say! HEED ME!!!

*cough,cough* In any case, soon I am to leave for my ancestral land of Puerto Rico, so I feel the need to try and write just about every day so that it doesn't look entirely too bad when the page goes blank for about two weeks. ^.^ I am also about to blackmail...I mean torture...I mean threaten...ARGH!! This is not coming out right!

I am about to ask certain people to join me in my quest to bring my glory to the masses! As well as their own if it is worthy of proclaiming...The usual suspects are in line, as they always are. And no, Keyser Soze is not involved in any way. He is way too bust being an evil crime boss to be a regular on my blog, although he has expressed interest in it and is simply waiting for his schedule to free up...


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