Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You Might Want To Know About This Useless Piece of Info

The level of terrorist attack possibility is yellow. What does yellow mean? We are in an significantly elevated level of terrorist attack.

Is it just me, or is this system played out and stupid. As the United States of America, the good ole U.S. of fucking A., aren't we always at an elevated level of being attacked by terrorist? By people who give all their attentions to attacking us, which if they used on themselves, would give them...I don't know, housing? Plumbing? Phone and cable lines? An economic system?

*sigh* This Homeland Security Advisory System is stupid. We're not kindergarteners, although a strong argument can be made for some.

We do NOT need some Sesame Street grade system to tell us that we are in danger of being attacked. No matter what those Demoncrats say. We are never, and may I repeat that, NEVER gonna be down to a low level (blue for those who go by color) of security. Well, that is unless we drop out of the U.N. and do what we gotta do.

And then afterward bomb the U.N., which should already be on our list of things to do.


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