Saturday, June 11, 2005

Such a Full Day!

I'm so very happy! Care to know why?

Too bad, you're gonna find out anyway.

Kenny is back! Who is Kenny? Well, he's my Buck the Marine, or Joe Foo if you will. (see FrankJ as usual) To put it bluntly he's someone I care for dearly who went off into the army. He use to be to me what dear ol' JohnyK is now, only not as much. He was a crash coarse in having someone care for my mental well being. In any case, he's back in the states, living in VA and working at the Pentagon in D.C. Then again, that's a stupid thing to say. I mean, where ELSE is the Pentagon? In any case, he's a buck sergeant whatever that means. (Jason, a definition if you please?)

I might be seeing him this summer, if I do, I'll die of happiness. This summer promises to be the best so far.

Anyway I went to see John today and met Kat and Mel. (word up Kat, my blog reading homette) In anyway case, the day with him and them went good. More detail later, gotta go now. Laters!


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