Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Regents & The (unwanted) Return of Sarah Michelle

First and foremost, the Regents are going better than planned. I supremely kicked ass on the two part English regents, as if there were any doubt there, and today I felt that I did pretty damn well on the U.S. History & Government. I thank JohnK for his help. Believe it or not John, everything I asked you about and we went over was on the damn test. Take that Murphy!

For those of you who don't know what the New York State Regents exam is I shall tell you: it's a series of test mandatory for New York state students to take in order to prove that they actually learned something in school. Though all of the tests (in my opinion), with the exception of the math ones, are simple. All it really takes is test taking skills, the ability to read and comprehend, and two days of studying out of the Baron's Regents Guide on whatever you;re about to take. I seriously don't know why I was panicking.

In any case, a bit of mixed news from the site DarkHorizons:

Universal Pictures is making "Alice," an adaptation of video game "American McGee's Alice," with Sarah Michelle Gellar attached to star for "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" director Marcus Nispel says
The Hollywood Reporter.

Now, I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with Universal making a movie for the game of American McGee's creation, God bless his twisted mind. The game is really interesting. Basically it's the story of Alice in Wonderland. Only this time the characters around you are more than crazy and bizarre, they're psychotic and homicidal. It's up to you as Alice to give them some tough love with your huge butcher knife.

This is how I remember the game, but you can get more info

In any case, like I said it's not the concept of them making this movie that sickens me, it's the fact that Sarah Michelle Gellar has to come into all this. It's just going to make the movie clique, and it's type casting here as the pretty yet ass-kicking blonde heroin girl. People who haven't played the game, yet have seen Buffy, will scoff this off. The movie won't even get a chance, which is what really upsets me. And who, might you ask, do I suggest to play Alice besides who the close minded Hollywood producers were going to obviously pick?

Well, how about the girl from Resident Evil who played, urm Alice? Yeah, well I see how that wouldn't work. Well then how about the girl who played Faith if we must pick someone who is experienced in the art of butt whupping strange demonic critters? Give her that ragged growing out of a bleach job look. It would fit with the atmosphere of the game that the movie must take up. (notice must, not could)

In any case I don't, and I repeat DON'T want Sarah MG playing this role. I mean, isn't she getting a bit too old in any case? Alice in the game is 16, 17 tops. Gellar is past the point where she can play such young roles. If any of you have any suggestions, please tell me. I really would like to hear them for onc


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