Monday, June 20, 2005

Jealous, The Green Eyed Monster...Or is that an angry Irishman?

I just finished listening to the 4th IMAO pod cast, and before I say anything else, it's wonderful. An absolute dream for IMAO fanatic screwballs like me. The only complaint I have is that I downloaded the stupid software to let me listen to past pod casts and it's not working. Stupid piece of free internet junk...

In any case I find myself becoming immensely jealous now of anyone that has a pod cast. I want a pod cast. I'm funny...I can do a pod cast that people would like...WHY CAN'T I DO A POD CAST TOO!!!

I mean, I think if someone where to record me and a few of my friends when we're on a comedic roll that it'll be some A material. Then again the problem is that when we're on a roll it's usually when quoting IMAO, Ann Coulter and other funny righties. But in any case, that settles it. I need to make a pod cast of something. Maybe of my...No that's a FrankJ trademark too. GODDAMNIT!!

*sigh* None the less, I shan't be defeated in my goal of making a web site with a pod cast. I just need to find an audience I can enslave...I mean that I can have subscribe to my particular brand of funny. Yeah...That's it. Subscribe...


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