Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Help, I need someone...

Really...Just anyone right now who can hold a descent conversation. I'm really bored here. And I have writers block again. Well, not really that. It's just too mother fucking hot to by typing away furiously, which is how I type when I write my stories. You obviously can tell (or maybe you can by looking at the time stamp) but I'm typing at a relatively leisurely pace compared to how I normally type.

So why I have all this beautiful, super heated free time, why don't I babble for a bit. I haven't babbled in a while...Or according to some of the smart asses out there, that's all I do.

You can't see it but I'm giving all those stupid smart asses the middle finger.

I found out Jason is Jewish. I am upset that this is yet another thing John hasn't told me about his friend. One might ask though...Well why am I obsessing over Jason? Because he's avoiding me is why. He doesn't have to go to work Saturday, he's just being what some people call responsible. Pssh. Being this so called responsible person is merely for parents, guardians, and people who have their hand over those shiny read buttons that can start nuclear wars.

You would know that if you read my comment a few entries down.

Yes, speaking of hanging out with John's...Special friends, there's an event going down in central park that it seems I will be attending. Some of you might know about that "Shakespeare in the Park" event, but for those who don't it's just what it sounds like. You watch a Shakespeare play in central park. I think this year it's "Much Ado About Nothing", but seriously don't quote me on that. It might be something else.

Saturday is on. Which makes me happy. I got my shirt. If I get a digital camera that WORKS, I'll show you a pic, but it says "Everyone Loves a Catholic Girl". Which indeed they do. Because Catholics are the bomb. Word to my rosary rocking homies.

Okay. I'm done. Before I begin to rant about boy problems or anything, I'm checking out of this nut house. Well...For now at least.


Anonymous JohnK (no relation to SarahK) said...

It's "As you like it" in the park. SOrt of like "As you Wish" but without, well, the Princess Bride

6/10/2005 1:19 PM  

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