Saturday, June 04, 2005


Everyone arise in joyous celebration! Let us flood the streets with our songs and revelry! Why might you ask? Well, today is the day on which someone who is even more glorious than I was birthed into this world!

Yes, oh mortal readers of this blog, today is the day that my beloved FrankJ was born!!!

...WHAA!! You have never heard of the magnificent FrankJ and his lovely bride to be, SarahK! You sicken me! Why are you even reading this blog! Quickly, before I throw my wrath upon your pathetic soul, educate yourself on the awe inspiring, celestrial greatness that is, FrankJ.

Now that you have educated yourself, or have properly given thanks, there are other things to announced on this, a holy day of obligation in my universe:

Although I am pretty sure that no one has told me, I have found out not but a few minutes ago that JohnnyK's friends Jason has his blog on blogspot as well. I'm pretty sure that I was purposely left out, as is customary to do to the youngest and newest. But that's okay. I'll just track and stalk Jason to assure that the rest of his days are spent in miserable agony.

Tee-hee. ^_^

Speaking of, next Saturday is the day I finally meet up with John's little group. The afore mentioned Jason will not be there, but instead he is meeting up with everyone today. Leaving me out in the cold to contemplate a fit punishment for his insolence. Job, shmob. Doesn't he know that I, Raquel, ruler of all I behold, am more important? Jesus, you would think that everyone would know by now...

Speaking of my comrade in weirdness, John is going to get published. He has sent his manuscript to the publisher, and is awaiting the already known outcome. Of course, if they decide not to publish him, I'll just have to...Rectify that slight oversight of John's literary genius.

On a final note, I'd like to extend a get-well wish to my friend Linda. She, apparently, forgot that the number one rule of physics is that heat makes water go bye-bye. In short: she got a fever and landed herself in the hospital with a case of dehydration. She's out of the hospital now, doing better I hope, but I would like to give her this message:

Linda, sweetie, take good care of yourself alright? If you need any help, you know I'm just a hop, skip, and wheel chair roll away, willing to help you with everything but changing your bed pan. Remember to drink PLENTY OF FLUIDS!! Love- Your Lord and Master, *Commander Raquel.

*the explanation to that nickname will be explained at a later time.


Blogger Katsvenland said...

You get to meet myself and Melanie next week, aren't you excited? lol We spent the latter part of the day watching wrestling matches in Jason's basement. Speaking of wrestling, if Johnny Boy doesn't get published and Fordham decides to get petty over .25 points on his GPA, we can tag team and find whoever is in charge of these transgressions and make them wish they never did such an injustice to him. That should be fun.=)

6/05/2005 2:09 PM  
Blogger Socio-Sweetie said...

Sounds like a plan...but why wait for the results? Lets start the fun with threats! HURRAY THREATS!

they're so much fun! ^.^

6/05/2005 4:15 PM  

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