Wednesday, June 08, 2005

And Rebuilding Is Wrong BECAUSE!?

I really don't see how people can be so offended by the idea of rebuilding the Towers. I don't think it's offense in any way whatsoever. I'm trying to think of a valid reason why people would be so offended by such a thing. I mean, sorry to...No wait, I'm not sorry for saying this. People need to stop living in the past.

This is not saying that we forget about the victims of Sept. 11. This is saying that people need to learn how to remember the past while living in the present and into the future. A good way to do this is to rebuild the Towers. Why do this? Well, it's a good way to AVOID this whole crap with the West Side Stadium. Instead of making something completely new to rake in the money, we should rebuild what we had. I mean, from what I know, it worked pretty well.

But there should be something there to remind us what lives were lost because people hated the ideal they were working out: the ideal of Capitalism. The idea that you get what you deserve. That those who work can get what is coming to them, and the same going to those laze hippies.

I think in the lobby connecting the two towers, there should be a Vietnam-style memorial for those who lost their lives in this senseless attempt to terrorize us. It should be under a sky light, or some other type of lighting, so that it would always be highlighted, the center piece of the entire plaza. On the wall should be inscribed all the names of the lives lost. Civilians having their names in white, police officers in gold, firemen in silver and EMTs in copper. In the center of it all should be an area where people can sit and look at the names.

Because of course, with a memorial like this, you don't simply walked through and past. If you do that, what's the point of doing it at all. You have to have some place where you can sit down and look at it all, and properly pay tribute and remember.

Now I know, I'm not architect. But it just sounds like a nice idea to me. Least we forget, which I know I never will.


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