Friday, May 20, 2005

A Review From Someone Truly On The DarkSide


*reaches over to record player, puts needle on record. Darth Vador entrance music plays*

Greetings young padwons! I apologize for not updating very recently, but I had to prepare myself for the coming of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I went to see this film on the force today with my fellow Jedi, Master JohnnyK. (no relation to SarahK) Here is my review to all you followers to the Force.

The movie was very good. Contrary to what was announced on AOL, it had nothing to do with Bush. Then again, there was a scene that conjured up thoughts of Hitler's Third Reich, and some of these idiots really think that the Bush Administration is an actual rebirth of such a group.

Unlike what some people were afraid of, the movie equally focused on the story as well as the fight scenes and special effects. Also, something must be said about the casting. There was just as much thought put behind this aspect of the movie as there was on any other part. The actors casted for Luke's uncle and aunt, as JohhnyK so neatly put it "looked creepily like a younger version of the ones in the first Star Wars". I would hope so, but then again they could have given it no thought at all.

The New York Times said that Revenge of the Sith is possibly the best moive of the Star Wars series. I wouldn't go as far as to say that, but i will say one thing. It is the movie that got the most thought put into it. It was a perfect blending of special effects and storytelling. I think people sort of lost faith in Lucas after Episode I, which is quite...quite understandable. But i think Lucas realized his duty to the fans and pulled through. Others might say different, but they're just saying that because they're angry they were wrong about Lucas caring...or at least his staff caring.

That is it for now. May the force be with you young padwons.


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