Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Real Life "Runaway Bride"

Now let me start this off by sayig that I'm one for marriage. As of now, in state of thinking, marriage and children are my main goal in life. Yes, I know it's weird to find someone one, a female to be more precise, that actually has marriage as a main goal, but if you haven't noticed by now...I'm not your typical person. I think it's a very noble thing for a woman to stay home and raise her kids. I say this because my mother did not do such a thing, and look how i came out. Not that i don't like who i am, no, far from it. But i think it would be better for the world if there wasn't another me, or another kid who calls grandma "mom" and mom by their first name.

With that being said i go onto the subject of one Jennifer Wilbanks and the events of the last month. For anybody who hasn't been watching CNN, or has been living under a rock, i will leave a link for the CNN page that has an article.


Now that you have aquinted yourself with the tale, i will offer one point that might not be offered in the article itself: her husband still wants to marry her.

"Poor little Jenny," some people have remarked, "She was stressed and pressured into this. She doesnt deserve to be villianized or chastised or derided for her actions. She's nuts after all." True, the girl is nuts. But there are some things that i just dont get about this...

First of all, i understand the nervous breakdown. From what i have gathered, she was little Miss Perfect for most of her life. She was expected by both families, who were practicing baptist, to go through with this, and there was no person in her life that she could talk to about her fears. So of course she broke down. Put too much weight into a car while its already going full speed and it's bound to start to spark, then burst into a ball of flame. This, basically, is what happened to our little southern belle.

She was under terrific stress. We all now that. And i really can't blame her for running away, but there is one thing i cant understand for the life of me. Why make up the story? She claims she didnt know that it would cause such a sensation, but how cant you? Even a nutso can firgure out that an all-american rich white woman who was about to get married in a matter of days being kidnapped by a hispanic man and white woman while jogging and taken to Albuquerque was going to make the news. Hello, if the media caught on, any idiot can. I mean, idiots are what make up the bulk of the press arent they?

And other thing, why make him hispanic? One answer offered to me is that making him black would have not been too P.C. My answer: hispanic is very "P.C." either. God, why does it always have to be a damn minority doing the kidnapping? White people kidnapp their own kind too. Besides ever since Cochran's death, us minorities have been light stepping about committing major crimes. Especially if they involve white woman in any way shape or form.

And to answer John's comment: no, adding a white female as his accomplice does not blance it out. It was still a racist thing to say.

I don't know. I give up. This woman went nuts, but just went too far. I think that woman should be knocked into her sense. Excuse me, i'm going to find her.


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