Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Even Perfect People Make Errors

Yes, yes, I know it's shocking that someone as perfect as I could make a mistake, but I have. Do not worry though, I reassure you that I have stopped the Universe from falling apart because of it. Just one more thing you mortals must praise me for...

In any case, I had just realized that the REASON I wasn't getting any comments on my blog isn't because it's not any good. I mean, of course it's good. It's fanstastic, glorious, awe-inspiring...not to mention whimsical and amusing. Why wouldn't anybody want to comment and give me my due praise? Yes, I found out that the comment were set at the default setting of that "only registered blogspot.com users can comment". I have quickly changed this before going to grace the mortals at my school with my presence, knowing how you are all dying to tell me how great i am...

Yet again i apologize for the faults of those around me...Thank you.


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