Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Death Should Come Swiftly To These...

As a quick explanation for this entry, I shall quote a line from a quaint little ditty I've heard around the way during my many travels and encounters with the citizens of this plane of existence:

"As some day it may happen that a victim must be found,
I've got a little list--I've got a little list
Of society offenders who might well be underground,
And who never would be missed--who never would be missed!"

--"They'll None of 'Em Be Missed"
The Mikado

These are in no particular order.

  • guys who claim gentlemen, but act like total pigs
  • people who push you out of the way, (although there is no need), and then look at you as if you have some sort of hideous growth on your face
  • idiot drivers...No explanation needed
  • people who participate in constant, unnecessary cellphone use in public and talk so loud that you're practically in the conversation, or might as well be
  • hippies
  • people who take up political interests in order to seem cool or impress someone of the opposite sex (or same depending on your tastes)
  • people who hide their true agendas and messages in guises that get people to unknowingly support their true cause and purposes (I.E. GreenPeacers hiding their anti-corporal message as "concern" for the environment)
  • speaking of GreenPeacers, they should die too...But then again most of them are hippies so this is repetitive
  • oh, and PETA...Every hypocritical member at PETA, especially their Vice President who takes dog insulin in strict DISREGARD of PETA's beliefs
  • shallow people, who don't give anyone who doesn't look like they belong in an Armani Exchange catalog consideration as a fellow human
  • skinny women, and I don't mean thin or naturally boney...I mean women who PURPOSELY make themselves disturbingly thin for "beauty's sake"
  • people who wear Che shirts and think that they're so hip...Commies are not cool! Especially commies who were responsible for the death of thousands of people
  • extreme left and extreme right people (although killing the extreme right would be hard since they have all the guns...)
  • people who won't admit that they are against gay marriage because it creeps them out
  • any who insults my Pope and my church...If I haven't done them in already
  • people who attend, teach and have requested DaVinci Code classes in their schools
  • 9/11 conspiracy theorist...Don't make me explain this one...It just makes me intensely angry
  • annoying government protesters
  • anybody, and I mean ANYBODY who has ever owned anything that says, or remotely resembles the phrase "No Blood For Oil!"
  • people who make a good book look absolutely horrible by creating a HORRIFIC movie version...
  • the person who invented shredded wheat if they are not already dead...Such a nasty thing, shredded wheat. Just God awful, even with the frosting.
  • Michael Moore and all the people who think he is the voice of our generation and that everything he says is the gospel truth, just slaughter them all.

These are not, I repeat, NOT all the people who are on my list. I left out the obvious. If I were to include everyone I wanted to, I would be here until next morning. If you are on the list, well too bad. I feel sorry for you on the day of my retribution. Better start repenting...


Blogger Katsvenland said...

Well said! I went through your list and have similiar ones on mine, although I have yet the discipline to create one. Especially the people who wear the Che shirts, when I used to work in the Village I dealt with many of them. I've also encountered GreenPeacers jumping in front of me whenever I'm on the Upper West Side, and they act like you have a minute to listen to their crap about how Bush is destroying the enivironment. I've got into countless arguements over the anti-Catholic sentiment spewed by agnostics, "ashamed"(lazy) Catholics and people who just make it their way to insult us. These people shouldn't be put out, because I no longer believe in the death penalty, but should undergoe extreme torture.

5/25/2005 6:48 AM  
Blogger Socio-Sweetie said...

You know, I think that's something better to do to these people...I think a friend of mine said it best that the worst thing that could happen to someone is that they go through the most horrible pain imaginable...and survive to remember it and fear it for the rest of their days.

SO yeah, that works too. ^_^

5/25/2005 4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taco.. you angry, wannabe republican! =D

5/27/2005 8:26 PM  

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