Sunday, May 22, 2005

Admittance To My Bastard Child

I...I have a confession to make. In making this confession, I only hope that I am not letting any of my friends, nor my comrade JohnK down when I say this.

*sigh* This is so hard to say.

While visiting some scientist friends of mine, I played around with a time machine and was sent back to 1964, to the set of My Fair Lady. It was there, and then, when I met the true love of my life. He was an older man, yes, but he was so dashing and humorous. I can say right now, and at any other time of my life, that I will never love another man like I loved Sir Rex Harrison.

It was a whirlwind romance that was very sadly short lived, seeing as that I had to return to my own time. But before I did, we shared one last glorious embrace. It was a night filled with laughter, love, and of course dancing. In fear of sounding like I'm making a lame pun, I wont say what I felt I could have done with him all night. Then again...there were other things that we did do...all night.

Well, when I returned, I found out that Rex had left me with more than just a few good memories.

Yes, I was pregnant with Rex Harrison's child thirteen years after his death by pancreatic cancer. I had more to worry about than what I was going to tell his wife Mercia and my parents. Then again, Rexie was always known for going around with other women. But I know that he really loved me the most. But how would he be able to explain falling in love with a teenage girl from the future?

Well, I took the time machine back to tell Rex. We hugged and cried, knowing that it would never work out. So, asking my scientist friends for a hand, I stayed in the past with Rex for the time of my pregnacy. (an android was taking my place for the time I was gone) When the baby was born, we named gave him a name, and Rex said his good-byes.

The baby and I returned to the future, and I yet again went to my scientist friends. They offered a solution, but it involved me never being able to hold my baby again, or have him remember me. I loved my baby so much, that I gave him up for a process called cartoonification. He was...turned into a cartoon, and now lives with a loving, caring family. I can see him whenever I want, and so can you.

My beloved Steward now lived with the Griffins in Quaghog, Rhode Island. You can tell he takes after me and his father, especially dear Rex. I will always love him, no matter what. And I know that deep inside he loves and misses me too. I mean, that's why he's so angry at women. Because he feels empty inside, and no woman can fill that but his mother. Well, maybe, someday, I'll call him back to me. Someday...


Blogger Katsvenland said...

Hehe cute. You should know that you have another fan of your blog. Keep it up!

5/22/2005 9:53 PM  

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