Sunday, April 24, 2005

....yeah third one tonight i know...

I'm having blog envy. Everyone else's blog is so much nicer than my own. damn my computer programming retardation. i want a nice blog too. Can't a girl get a nice looking blog too?

while i'm yammering on and on at this insane hour...hey the clock's off. it's 2 hours behind...oh this is gonna be a pain, i can foresee it already. in any case...

what shall i yammer on about bout john? my little irish wonder.

sweet old johnny boy. if i had a nickel for everytime i felt like killing for him...and killing him...i would have $128.65 exactly. small wonder that i feel for him so strongly. it's really very odd. especially since he's most likely the closet i will come to my opposite. this DOES NOT mean he is a democrat or a liberal. we're not talking that opposite. john kills these people, not partake in their stupidness.

we're not going to get emotional here. i love him is as emotional as it's going to get. i love him and i'm willing to kill any other girl around him who even thinks about glancing at him. but i'm not too violent a person. i'm actually down right benevolent. i'd merely bludgeon them into a coma, not kill them. don't look at me like that, i at least want some circumstantial evidence before i go around strangling people like Donald Rumsfeld.

yes well that's enough of that, i started this post at 2:44 am and now it's 3:05 am, all b/c i had to find out how to create a hyper link...stupid web page design.


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