Sunday, April 24, 2005

PS: i cant believe i didnt say this before!

Yes, sorry for not saying it with the rest of the introduction, but i am Catholic. born and partially raised. i went to catholic school. which, as other catholic school attendents can tell you, is part of th reason i am the way i am. staying in there long enough can do things to you. i myself have a perminent hatred for nuns. nothing against people who are nuns, but most of the ones i have met we not very good representatives for their like...

VIVA LA BENNY! may you travel on swift pope-mobile wheels for as long as you reign! And RIP JPII *spills a bit of communion wine on the floor* that's for my homie in the great beyond. mad love for my deceased homie. we aint ever gonna have another pope as pimp as you, God bless and God rest.

JP2's pimp qualifications:
1) got a cap popped in his holy ass and STILL made it alive, and forgave his attacker! (take that!)
2)he had those fly wheels he was driving around in all the time.(it was even offically called the Pope-Mobile. how dope is that?)
3)he had a massive posse, his cardinal crew was in tow at all times
4)had his own jet, privatized and customized EVERYTHING
5)he was a globe trotter. traveled all over the world, and he broke bread. just like Jay-Z says. (u dont know who jay z is do a fucking google search, your on the INTERNET already...)
6) lets not forget his cane and fly bling-bling

All of these things put together equal a pope who was big pimpin...word.


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