Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pope Party

The pope's after party was absolutely fabulous. Music, dancing, those little pigs in a blanket. Well, they technically weren't pigs in a blanket. If they were the Jews wouldn't have been able to partake in the meaty/ buttery flaky goodness, and that wouldn't have been fair. To make things even better, Monsieur President Frenchie wasn't there. Which is a good thing, because i would have done something very uncatholic to him if he was there.

Before the party began I had to attend Benny's inauguration Mass. I had to sit next to some stuffy old princess who kept on fanning herself. And when i saw Jeb and tried to wave him down, she started protesting about how all Americans were alike. I told her to shut up or we would bomb her no name country to dust just like we did Iraqi. I then hit her with my program and made my way to Jebbie.

apparently, Georgie didn't want to have to sit still through another mass, and excerised his power as an older brother, and president, to send Jeb over instead of himself. "Besides," Jeb had told me during the consecration of the host, "Those wafer things are awesome. George's fault for missing out on them. He asked if i could get a doggie bag, but i don't think the Papacy would be with the idea of sticking the 'Body of Christ' in a brown paper bag for the president to enjoy."

I nodded in agreement and told him that we should be quiet since the Greek Othodox leaders were giving us dirty looks, and those guys creep me out to begin with, so lets not give them any reason to look our way. After the mass and the party, i said farewell to Jeb. It wont be too long until i see him again, since i'm going to Disney Tuesday night. A whole week at Disney, what joy it shall bring to my little heart!


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