Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Note of Introduction

Yes, well, I suppose I must explain this lunacy before I begin. It's only fair, I would imagine...

A was born, a poor black child...*looks down at script, turns a few pages*

How did the script for "The Jerk" get in here? Is this some one's idea of a joke! I swear, Steve, was that you! Yeah, I see you back there grinning like Ted Kennedy at happy hour! Just you wait and see, you'll get your's!


I am the white washed liberal-conservative daughter of two first generation Independent Puerto Rican Americans, or as we so lovingly put it, New-yer Ricans. By the way, I mean independent in both the political and economic way, with is a half blessing.

My full self given title is as follows: an adolescent, bisexual, nyphmomaniacal, infatuous, clingy, depressive, vengeful, violent, brilliant liberal-conservative, romantic, star gazing daydreamer with a hint of sociopathic and psychotic tendencies and self-confidence fluxes just for flavor.

*gasps for breathe* Yes I am the very model of a messed up individual, and all the psycho-therapy in the world cant change that, nor do I want it to. I'm different damnit, and I refuse to take a pill to change that.

Out of what I have said so far, one thing might be very confusing to some of you: that I am a liberal-conservative. This means that, according to most sources (or at least the ones I care about) I am for the most part conservative. BUT I cant just go around saying I'm plain old conservative. That implies, to the more ignorant of people, that I am against gay marriage and all that good stuff. So, as I look at my conservative brethren, I notice one thing: I'm a little...*does a double take* actually, make that a lot looser than those in my group. I am a bit more free. another word for free, sadly, is liberal. So therefore, I am a liberal-conservative. Done deal. I call rights to the title. I made it up, so there.

Well, I guess this is done. Another entry will be made in a few minutes with a little ditty I have been working on. Until then...Take care.


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